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Woodfordia Tree Planting Festival Animation Workshop

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

On May 5th my friend and I headed up north to the Woodfordia Tree Planting festival in Woodford, QLD, Australia where I conducted my first workshop in animation.

Because it was just a little workshop I decided to make it colouring based, where participants could take part in a collaborative project each colouring in a animated drawing.

In preparation for the workshop I made a 40 second animation composed of 310 drawings. The animation was based on time-lapse footage of sprouting broad-beans which grow relatively quickly.

I started with the main, key drawings, each based on a day of broad-bean growth, followed by breakdown images between the days to give more specificity to the movement. Once I had completed the keys and breakdowns I then went in with 'inbewteen' drawings to give fluidity to the animation.

The animated drawings were exported as separate images and printed on 200gsm recycled card.

I hope everyone who took part in the animation enjoyed the experience. I learnt a lot from this workshop and hope to give even better ones in the future!

Thanks to everyone who took part and my friend Laura for all her help!!!

The final animation with everyone's artwork will be up online by June 1st latest

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