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Field Trip 4: Mt Nebo region, Bell Bird walking tracks and Kumbartcho Sanctuary educational centre

In November 2017, following the trip to Springbrook, I decided to venture out and explore other waterways in the Brisbane/ South East Queensland region.

My mum, sister and I first went to visit the Kumbartcho Sanctuary educational centre and park which had a lot of information on the various flora and fauna of the region. The centre had a large pond (where we saw a couple of turtles) and was neighboured by dense bushland which was vibrant and lush from the recent rain.

Next, we drove to Mt Nebo and walked around Enoggera Reservoir’s dry climate forests. Here I was able to record some beautiful atmospheric sounds of birds and running water.

Ironically, one of the more enlightening parts of the trip (in connection with the river film) occurred on the return home when we drove past several large construction sites. It was here that I noticed the runoff from these sites travelled down into stormwater drains.

In the river film, the polluted water runs straight from the construction site into the river. While scenarios like this may occur, I considered that more often than not, this runoff probably travels through drains on its path into the river.

Future note: the animation would later be changed based on this observation.

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